Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frustrating day

So today is a frustrating day. I just dont understand sometimes why people have such a hard time with seemingly simple things. It boggles my mind. I realize I am about 5 months pregnant, super hormonal, and it won't friggin stop raining and that might very well have some impact on my level of frustration.

I need an outlet, some kind of recreation. I have picked up a few books lately which has been great but I think I need some kind of social life. All I do is take care of baby and work, that's it. I know most of it is my doing cause I hate to disrupt my son's schedule as he is very sensitive to change but I think in doing so I have caused all of my "friends" to shy away from even inviting me out anymore. It's sad really. I am a lonely 31 year old soon to be mother of 2, unmarried. Sweet...sounds like a TV movie.

Today is just frustrating.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not sleeping......

Well today is a very slow day. It seems as though the clock is actually working against me. I can't imagine why? I mean, what did I ever do to time?

Anyway, I haven't been sleeping well with this pregnancy and that doesn't help matters much. While in the middle of the day I struggle the keep my eyes open, literally, when it comes time for my head to hit the pillow at night....wide open. It's rather annoying. I was sleeping in the guest room until Sunday night and to be honest, I was actually sleeping a little better. I don't know if it's the mattress or perhaps having an entire bed all to myself.

That being said, I like sleeping next to my man.....sometimes. Being prego has brought on a temperture aversion and the mere graze of a hot body part against me (foot, leg, hand...) makes me boil over in anger (both from being woken up and from feeling the heat) and causes me again to not be able to sleep.

I guess most would say it will all be worth it when this little guy is born and I am sure I will have forgetten all about this reason for not sleeping since I'll have a whole new set of reasons; however, that doesn't help me today. Well I guess all I can do at this point is try to make it through the rest of this never ending day and hope for the best tonight.